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Success in training begins with you! You will learn about my aim for the “Rehabilitation and Training” of your dog, and when, how, and what techniques you need for success.

My goal is to help you break down the barriers of communication, and to show you the fastest, easiest and most comfortable and effective methods of training your dog.

Just as in a dogs own world, simplicity is the answer and the key to learning.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why doesn’t my dog listen to me?” BUT are you sure your dog actually understands you? Do you know how to properly deliver the message to your dog? Do not fear, as I will show you how to talk dog!

CONSISTENCY with guidelines, boundaries and rules is the key.


NEVER RUSH THE PROCESS OF LEARNING. Training your dog is the easy part. Training yourself is more demanding!

I will give you the tools to work with and will show you how to use them effectively. Following the initial consultation, I will complete a behavioural diagnostic report which is a comprehensive reference document which covers all the training methods and advice discussed and shown on the day.  I will be available for full support from there onwards, providing follow up visits at your convenience if required, as well as support and information via phone and email, so you can feel confident in what you are doing to get the behaviour you desire.

I use highly rewarding methods of training that have been proven successful worldwide.

I am also fully insured for all aspects of my work.

'Rehabilitation & Training' Services

The Recall

Do you dread taking your dog to the local park when other dogs are about as you can’t let your dog off the lead? Does your dog totally ignore you when something more interesting catches their eye… or nose? Does your dog come running back to you, only to stop short or runs passed you […]

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Dog on Dog Aggression or Reactivity

One of the most common issues that clients contact me with is to help their dog with their dog on dog aggression or reactivity. Believe it or not, most of the time solving your dogs reactivity issues can be easier than you think. Even if it looks to you like a serious problem, sometimes a […]

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Human Aggression

Why your dog is showing aggression towards people can depend on several reasons and includes where this aggression takes place; when it takes place; and to whom this takes place. These factors vary from dog to dog but in any case it needs to be addressed URGENTLY! Aggression is a serious problem and should ONLY be […]

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Lead Pulling

Dogs pull on the lead for a variety of reasons, but thankfully it is one problem that is easily trained out of them. The lead itself is a huge communicator to your dog, so knowing how to use it correctly is half the battle. Once you understand how to communicate properly via your lead, and […]

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Constant Barking

We want dogs to bark, because thats what they do! We want them to notify us of any visitors, welcome or otherwise, to the house, or when they want to go outside to the toilet or if something else is wrong. However, when your dog barks and doesn’t stop when YOU want them to, it […]

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Fears or Phobias

Dogs can suffer from fears and phobias of many things, and can react in many different ways, from running away and hiding to showing aggressive behaviour. A dog can react in an irrational manner when it is experiencing extreme fears or anxiety. They can also develop seemingly irrational fears towards virtually anything, so I will […]

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Jumping Up

This behaviour tends to be inadvertently reinforced unknowingly by owners when their dog is still a puppy. Owners love the attention and excitement that their puppy shows them when they come home, or come downstairs first thing in the morning, so they reward their dog for all this excitement and jumping up with praise, reward, […]

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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is simply a collective term for a range of behaviours performed by a dog due to not being able to cope when left alone. This anxiety can cause dogs to bark constantly; lose bladder and bowel control; attempts to escape by chewing through doors or even walls! It can also lead to more […]

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Resource Guarding

Resource guarding can be towards anything that your dog considers valuable, from a favourite toy; the sofa; your bed;  food or even YOU! Resource guarding is exactly as the name suggests, protecting a valuable resource by displaying aggressive behaviour. The levels of aggressive behaviour can vary, from a dog eating faster when someone approaches their […]

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Deaf Dogs

I have been asked to help many of my clients train their deaf dogs. You may think that training a deaf dog would be a lot more difficult than hearing dogs, but fear not, it’s fairly easy! Bear in mind that a dog communicates through their energy, the ‘vibes’ that other dogs (and humans too) […]

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Rescue Dogs

I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with several dog rescue establishments, helping to ‘rehabilitate and train’ some amazing rescue dogs, from home and abroad, who through no fault of their own, have acquired many varied behavioural issues due to their often sad start in life. Being moved from home to home,  living […]

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….and there’s more!

This list is by no means exhaustive as many other issues covered are;  Cat chasing; vehicle and bike chasing; escaping; attacking the vacuum cleaner; chewing; mouthing; urinating indoors; muzzle training; ‘Coprophagia’ (Poo eating!); as well as getting your dog used to such things as the groomers, and other important issues such as:- Introducing dogs to […]

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