Initial Consultation (For dogs 6 months and older)

For my initial behavioural consultation at your home, where I am able to see your dog in their natural environment, integrating with you and your family, I charge a one-off fee of £200, for up to 2 dogs. (**For more than 2 dogs to deal with, I charge an extra £50 per dog). This is for however long the session takes, (but no fewer  than 4 hours), depending on the complexity of the issues raised.

What To Expect    Here I delve into the history of your dog and its relationship with you and your family. I feel that if this initial preparation work is carried out correctly, then it gives me the best knowledge and understanding to correctly diagnose your dog's problem and to instigate the correct procedures required to lead your dog forward to a much happier and fulfilled life.

Throughout this initial consultation, I demonstrate with you the training techniques required to help solve your dog's problem behaviour, using positive reward training. This means hands-on training both indoors and outside, amongst other dogs and people, and anything else that may be an issue, to make sure that when I leave you, you are happy and confident in what you need to do to achieve the required results. Included in the price is a follow up comprehensive behavioural diagnostics report covering everything that we speak about in relation to the required training techniques, together with information on the dogs breed specifics and it's known history. I send you this report via email to use as an informative reference document over the following weeks to assist you with your ongoing training.                                                                                                                                                      


For my 'one to one' puppy training sessions, I charge £40 an hour.

I come to your home address to see you and your puppy in their natural environment, so I can see how they naturally behave at home and also so I can see your current set up in relation to bed, crate, pen etc. and offer you advice on how to correctly bring up your puppy to be a calm, relaxed and confident dog.



Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of £50. (£10 for puppy training)

Cancellations with  less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of £100. (£15 for puppy training)

Cancellations with NO notice will incur £100  PLUS full mileage and travel time, @ 50 ppm plus £10 per hour. (Puppy Training £30 plus full travel mileage and  travel time)

Travel Costs

Mileage* is included in the above costs up to 20 miles radius from my home address. Any additional mileage is charged at 50 pence per mile.

Travel Time* is also included up to 30 minutes (normal) journey.

Thereafter, I charge £2.50 for every 15 minutes to the next hour.( i.e.  £5 for the next half-hour)

If more than 1 hour away in total, (for a normal journey*) , I charge £10 an hour for the whole journey.

*n.b.  Mileage and travel time will be based on “Google Maps’ and may vary from actual travel times when completed on the day.

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