….and there’s more!

….and there’s more!

This list is by no means exhaustive as many other issues covered are;  Cat chasing; vehicle and bike chasing; escaping; attacking the vacuum cleaner; chewing; mouthing; urinating indoors; muzzle training;  ‘Coprophagia’ (Poo eating!);  as well as getting your dog used to such things as the groomers, and other more  important issues such as ‘Pica’ (the craving and eating of non-food items), PLUS-

Introducing dogs to children and Babies.

It is extremely important that all dogs know how to correctly behave around babies and small children, as well as how children should behave around dogs. With a little forward planning, you can get your dog used to the huge changes a new baby brings in advance, so they will hardly notice any difference. I will help you get your dog used to all the new smells and sounds that your new baby will bring to the house. Some dogs may find these changes particularly difficult, especially if they are used to you sharing all your time and attention with them, so it’s a great idea to prepare them for this huge change in their routine as soon as possible.

With young children, it can be very daunting for your new dog to be exposed to a highly excited child, especially a rescue dog that may not have even met a child previously. Children love animals, but they don’t always realise that the act of cuddling is alien to a dog. The only time a dog will grab another dog around the neck is when they are in a fight! So by children hugging a dog, by grabbing them round the neck, this can be translated by the dog as an act of aggression and they may react according to their natural instinct. Far too often children unintentionally hurt or frighten dogs which result in bites or aggressive behaviour. I will teach you the importance of training dogs to behave correctly around children and equally showing you how to teach children the correct way to greet your dog. It is worth bearing in mind that 77% of dog bites occur from the family pet, so teaching your child the correct way to interact with ALL dogs is of paramount importance.

General Obedience

I will also cover the general aspect of obedience training such as the ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘wait’ ‘down’, as well as ‘attention training’, and the ‘Leave’ exercise, covering ‘Impulse Control’.

I am more than happy to deal with ANY issue you have. I love a challenge, so test me out!


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