Human Aggression

Human Aggression

Why your dog is showing aggression towards people can depend on several reasons and includes where this aggression takes place; when it takes place; and to whom this takes place. These factors vary from dog to dog but in any case it needs to be addressed URGENTLY!

Aggression is a serious problem and should ONLY be addressed with the help of a professional dog behaviourist, as this can have far reaching implications due to the impact this can have for both you and your dog due to the Dangerous Dogs Act and it’s effect when enforced.

SAFETY MATTERS! When dealing with human aggressive cases with your dog, I may ask for the dog to muzzled prior to my attendance*, for both yours and my own safety. The hope is that sometime during my session with you, if I feel safe enough, then the muzzle MAY be removed.

n.b. *Failure to do this when requested may make the appointment unsafe to continue PLUS payment in full is still required.

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